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Improve Your Style…
And The All-Round Image You Portray To Others


Learn How To Send “Success Signals” & Bring Out Your Genuine Self-Confidence


Style Transformation Blueprint


Why do some men seem to find it easier than others?

If we’re being honest here…

It’s NOT their privileged education (some with education aren’t a success… and some drop-outs are billionaires)…

It’s NOT about time (we all have the same 24 hours in the day)…

It’s NOT because of their perfect good looks (there are billionaires who don’t have perfect “6-packs”)…

What do they have? What do they know that you don’t?

How did they work it out?


Let’s be direct… You’ve got a lot of sh*t to deal with:


  • The people you hang out with dress like crap… so if you change, you’ll be made fun of!
  • Women turn you down… or you’re the one they “settle” for.
  • You’re not comfortable dressing up. You don’t know a suit jacket from a sports jacket, a bow-tie from a necktie.
  • You want to improve your image… but don’t know where to start.
  • You don’t want to waste money on clothes you’ll never wear.
  • You tried to dress snazzy and were made fun of by everyone, even your girl!
  • You HATE clothes shopping… you don’t have a clue… and everything looks wrong on you.
  • You’re skinny… and your clothes make you look twiggy.
  • You’re overweight… and your clothes make you look like a butterball!
  • You’re not tall… and your clothes make you look like a child!
  • You could spend ALL day shopping… and not find ANYTHING you like!!
  • You’re tall and need to look professional, not like a basketballer.
  • Everyone doubts your decisions (even the boss!)… “Do they think I’m an idiot?!”
  • You feel that beautiful women are out of your league.
  • You dressed up once… but felt like a fraud. This isn’t “you”.
  • You’ve lost your Style Mojo, your edge… What happened!!
Style Transformation Blueprint


What if there was a LEGITIMATE SYSTEM that could help you improve your style and:


  • Land your dream job, one that makes you happy and pays more!
  • Walk into a room like you OWN it… even if you’re shy
  • Discover and promote your value to the world, so it’s clear who you are and what you represent
  • Dress like the MAN you know you are… be respected IMMEDIATELY (whether it’s the boardroom or the bedroom)
  • Start your morning in an IDEAL position rather than stressing about what to wear
  • Learn how to show strength, status, and authority so people see you as THE MAN
  • Date women out of your league
Well, stop wondering… HERE IT IS!

The Style Transformation Blueprint is our SUPREME game-plan that affirms the art of style.

We give you a master plan to use our powerful formula… instantly!

Before we proceed, I can tell you may have doubts.


Here’s what this course IS NOT:


  • No weird tricks or hacks
  • No “trend” chasing
  • No playing dress ups
  • No sham course that just tells you to “try harder”
Here’s what this course IS:


  • PROVEN research behind getting others to trust you IMMEDIATELY because of your style & body language
  • An itemized program on how to build a wardrobe that makes style natural
  • Proven techniques that trigger others to respect you IMMEDIATELY… which leads to more sales, gives you more power in business meetings, helps you make contact with beautiful women
  • A game plan to build a wardrobe that portrays competency & authority
That is to say, we help you to re-invent yourself…


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.
– Charles Darwin


The Style Transformation Blueprint helps to re-brand YOU!

What you’re doing now obviously isn’t working…(Why else would you be reading this?)…

So what is the simple quick fix?

Knowledge —> Change —> Evaluate —> Modify —> REPEAT

OK – that’s SIMPLE!

Well, YES and NO…


“Sometimes simple things are the most difficult things to achieve. ”
– Keanu Reeves


Let’s go over that process again…

Knowledge —> Change —> Evaluate —> Modify —> REPEAT

What you NEED to SUCCEED:

  • The Right Information at the Right Time
  • Know What to Measure and How to Measure
  • Precise and Consistent Action
  • What and When to Adjust
Style Transformation Blueprint


Want to know more?

1. Men who are seen as being big-time, authoritative & successful get more money and women.

(Influence = Reward)
Alpha men receive higher rewards, and more positive ratings.
[summarized from an article in The Canadian Journal of Sociology, (1991)]

2. Attractive men make $2,600 more per year for every extra ‘point’ of attractiveness.

(Appeal = Reward)
Men were found to earn $2600 more per year per unit of attractiveness.
[summarized from an article in Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 1991]

3. Women choose high-status dominant men for casual sex and relationships.

(Quality = Reward)
Women choose partners based on non-physical characteristics such as ambition, status, and dominance.
[summarized from an article in Evolution & Human Behavior, 1998]

4. Compelling men are sexy to women and inspire other men.

(Power = Reward)
Both men and women see powerful people as sexy.
[summarized from an article in American Journal of Sociology, 2005]

5. A man’s appeal is based on what he owns and wears.

(Style = Reward)
“Men’s assessments of sexual attractiveness are determined more by objectively assessable physical attributes.”
[from an article in Archives of Sexual Behavior, 1997]

So there’s the evidence!

Power is Sexy.

Let me ask:

How would higher regard from other men…

  • Change all conversations you have?
  • Change any job interview that you walk into?
  • Change every business deal you make?
  • Change any woman hearing your name at a social event (because other men talk about how great you are)?

That is leverage. That is influence. That is having and advantage, having options… EVERYWHERE.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got. ”
– Jessie Potter


Style Transformation Blueprint


Don’t just take my word for it…


Style Transformation Blueprint - testimonial - William
I was laid off toward the end of last year. With nothing else to do, I would read through the lessons for days.

This course changed my life. I learned so much, not only about style, but I also found the self-improvement topics amazing.

This was the motivation I needed and I will never look back. As a result of what I learned, I started valuing my time and money. I used my misfortune to my advantage.

To improve my wardrobe, I took a bag of clothing to the thrift store each week and searched the store for anything stylish while I was there (my budget was tight!). You’ll be amazed what you can find when you are in the right mindset!

I started interviewing for jobs better than the one I had before. This week I had the best news and I start at a real estate company on Monday.

I have no doubt that what I learned in this course helped me to land that job… a role I’m very much looking forward to.

My first purchase will be a suit!

The course lessons helped me better myself as a man, and now I can benefit from that.

– William

Style Transformation Blueprint - testimonial - Tyrone
I wanted to dress well for a few reasons.

First, I’m a father and I wanted to set a good example.

Second, I had a new office job and I wanted to dress appropriately.

Third, I figured it was time I looked like a grown-up and be treated like a man.

I didn’t have a father-figure growing up, so I did what my friends did and dressed like they dressed.

Ultimately, I just wanted to look professional in my line of work and I didn’t want to let my children down anymore.

I learned a lot from this course. I learned the basics, how dressing well makes me stand out, and how the little extras make a big difference.

– Tyrone

Style Transformation Blueprint


AND… if you’re not happy with the product you get your money back!



Get to the PRICE…

If you’ve been struggling with style, chances are you’ve spent a fortune on clothing in your lifetime… and that’s not working out for you, right?

The value of everything in this course is easily worth $1,000… everything course creators have learned, putting it all together for you…

Click the button below to see the CRAZY price you can get all this for!

HOWEVER, if you’re not prepared to take action on what you learn in this course, then DON’T spend your money on it.

Sir Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is power”… but knowledge without action is useless.

The course material alone will not transform you.

When you act upon your new knowledge, you will see RESULTS!

So… if you are ready… to finally become the man you know you can be (but just need some help and direction)… click the button below!

And be quick… the price is bargain low right now!


Style Transformation Blueprint




  • Do you have a return policy? Can I get my money back?
    Absolutely – no strings attached.
  • Do you guarantee success?
    If you apply the knowledge from the courses – yes.
  • I’m a woman. Can I take the course?
    Definitely. Most of the content is aimed towards men, but the principles work for women too! The style principles that make men successful will help women too.
  • Why should I buy today?
    If you choose to do nothing, nothing will change. We want you to be successful, but it’s ultimately up to you to take the first step.
  • Is this a scam?
    No scam. A lot of work has gone into providing this course to help you improve your style and the image you portray to others.
  • I need to think about it, can I lock in today’s price?
    This is for people who take action, people who want change, now! We can’t guarantee it will be the same price next time you look.
  • What if I fall behind on the lessons?
    We leave no man behind. You complete at your own pace, when you have time. All we ask is that you make time, regularly.
  • What if I know I won’t stay focused and will forget to look at the lessons?
    We can’t help with that. The course is about being a grown-up and your actions (or inaction) have consequences. Action = Results. No action = no results.
  • I live outside of USA, can I still get the course?
    Absolutely! About 60% of our happy customers (and some of our course contributors) live outside of the USA. The principles we teach are global (or flat-earth-al).
  • I’m not an attractive person, can I still do this?
    YES! Attractive people are privileged. This course helps even the playing field as it helps you become more attractive via things you can control such as clothing and body language.
  • I work in Retail. Is this course for me?
    Definitely! We have customers who are shop assistants, realtors, and office workers, as well as professional people in law firms and senior management, not to mention those who are self-employed.
  • I’m a busy person. How long does the course take?
    You work at your own pace – you have lifetime access. Aim for an hour or two, per week. Everyone’s circumstances are different. The courses are aimed at giving you information, and then helping you consider that data in respect to your own circumstances and how you can make improvements. Then you go make those changes.
  • How long does it really take to do the course?
    The average is around 20 hours in total. The length it takes you depends on how often you can allocate time to improving yourself.
  • Will the course be out-of-date in a year?
    Definitely not. Most of the course is timeless information. However, we do a full review of the course content every month to update anything that needs updating including changing or adding more bonus items.
  • I’m still in high school. Is there anything for me?
    YES. If you are graduating soon, what better way to get ahead of the rest than than learning the style foundations.
  • I’m in college. Is there anything for me?
    YES. The Style Transformation Blueprint is a perfect start if you’re about to move into the workforce or start your own business.
  • Why is it so expensive?
    It’s not when you think about it. The principles we teach will help you to make more money… so it’s an investment in your future self.
  • Doesn’t that make it too cheap then?
    Probably, but we want it to be available to everyone.
  • Will my membership expire?
    No, you have lifetime access to this course.
  • Websites disappear. How do I know you’ll be here?
    We’re not going anywhere. If there ever is a time when the website will be shut down, you will be given plenty of time to download the course lessons and bonuses.
Style Transformation Blueprint